Enterprise IP Phone ES330-PEN


Escene ES330-PN adopt the DSPG chipset, support G.722 wideband encoding; It use with backlit LCD screen to 132 x64 resolution, support Chinese display, provide three SIP accounts, Provide privacy protection. The phone support Tripartite meeting, speed-dial, with abundant function; the phone comes with 12 programmable keys, and support Escene Extension unit, most can be extended to 192 programmable keys.

The phone support earphone, POE, VLAN, VPN. It compatible with the main stream IP PBX, and Easy to install and use, easy to management, to improve office efficiency; Applicable to the head, front desk, the dispatcher, seating engineer and other professional users demand.



  • Adopt the DSPG chipset
  • 2 100BASE-T Ethernet interfaces, support POE power supply
  • 128 x64 graphic dot matrix display, 5 lines shows (including one line display icon)
  • High-fidelity sound quality: handle HD and HD hands-free, HD encoding
  • 3 sip accounts, support BLF/BLA, Open VPN
  • Most support 6 Extension Unit, 192 programmable keys